The Cloud Storage Market is forecast to grow by 26.2% per annum from 2022 – 2028*

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Invest in Europe’s largest decentralised storage provider

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Investor Highlights

Invest in Europe's largest decentralised storage provider

Targeting 10.2x returns over 3 years

$30m+ projected revenue over the next 12 months

Planned buildout of up to 100 megawatt Data Centre

Over $10M worth of High Powered Computers already deployed

100% Green Hosting - Hardware powered by renewable energy.

Planned IPO within 18 months

NexGen Turned profit in years one and two of operation

Minimum entry $30K

"The Metaverse needs 1000x more computing power" according to VP of Intel

Co-Founder and director

Chris Starkey

Chris has raised over £40 million and mentored numerous start-ups. Several have gone on to secure partnership contracts with blue chip companies and become market leaders within their respective industries.

Co-Founder and director

Antony Wade

Antony’s long experience in the tech market began over three decades ago, and his passion for the sector helped conceive and drive the success of Nexgen Cloud. He has raising millions in investment for young British tech companies.

NexGen Cloud has built a significant amount of enterprise-grade hardware assets that offer a variety of GPU cloud workloads, such as Artificial Intelligence, Rendering, Machine Learning and Medical Research – while also supporting blockchain technologies to provide decentralised storage.

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